Required Software

zlib The library libz provides an implementation of the deflate algorithm used by the NVODS/OPeNDAP client and server software. Version 3.4 of our software requires libz 1.1.4. You may need this to build libcurl, but it's unlikely unless you're using a very old version of Unix. Win32 users will probably need the library. MacOS/X users will not.
libcurl The library libcurl provides an implementation of HTTP/1.1 used by the OPeNDAP client software. Version 3.5 of libdap++ requires libcurl 7.12.0 or greater. Here's a link to the latest version: curl downloads
libxml2 The library libmxml2 provides an implementation of various XML standards used by the OPeNDAP client and server software. Version 3.5 of libdap++ requires libxml2 2.5.7 or greater. Here's a link to the directory with source distributions: sources

The Perl module HTML::Parser is used by the DAP Server vesion 3. This module is used to parse HTML and build the Directory response of the server which is used to navigate groups of files using a web browser. You need HTML::Parser 2.20 or later. We track this module and test with recent versions, which you can obtain from the CPAN web site.

To use cpan to install the module, type the following:

 perl -MCPAN -e bash 
CPAN> install HTML::Parser
You may need to 'force' the install:
CPAN> force install HTML::Parser


  • When we say "version x.y.z" is required, it is almost always acceptable to use a later version. Earlier versions are likely to fail.
  • If you have these libraries already installed on your system, you won't need to get a second set of copies. However, for version 3.4 and older, we suggest that you build using our copies in the packages tar.gz file. With version 3.5 of libdap++ we're changing how the software is installed so that it is the norm to use the host OS's curl and xml2 libraries. You will still need to pay attention to the versions of the libraries required by libdap++ and the versions installed on you system.
  • To stay informed of OPeNDAP developments, please join our DODS mailing lists.