The OPeNDAP Data Connector


The OPeNDAP Data Connector (ODC) is a program which allows you to search for and retrieve datasets published by OPeNDAP data servers. OPeNDAP servers (also known as DODS servers) located at major institutions around the world serve a wide variety of data including: climatic data, satellite imagery, and ocean sensor results. The ODC allows you to find these datasets, download them to your machine, save them, and import them into client applications like IDL, Matlab, SPSS, Excel, or into databases such as Access and Oracle, and plot them with advanced graphics capabilities. The ODC is your gateway to terabytes of scientific data and imagery.   Download    Web Guide    Tutorial    Plot Gallery


  • Search union list of hundreds of well-known OPeNDAP servers
  • Search NASA's Global Change Master Directory
  • Navigate server directories with intuitive interface
  • Retrieve dataset structure specifications and field attributes/descriptions
  • Sophisticated GUI for dataset querying
  • Send output to text view, table view or plotter
  • Plot pseudocolor, vector, line, scatter, histogram
  • Plotter provides highly sophisticated color control and generation
  • Plotter has built-in 1 km coastline with 0.04 km available by download
  • Built-in image viewer
  • Interprocess server allows external applications to communicate with the ODC, to either retrieve fully qualified URLs or data values.


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