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2 Managing Connections

Because DODS uses a communication protocol (http) that does not maintain state information about the link between two processes, these connections are virtual, and all the information about them is maintainted by the client. The toolkit contains two classes to help clients manage connections to one or more DODS servers. One class, Connect stores information used when a connection is established. It also allows a program to provide local access to data (without a DODS data server).

The second network class of the DODS Toolkit, Connections, manages instances of the Connect class. It provides a mechanism for the client libraries to pass back to user programs the type of object (such as int, opaque pointer, ...) they expect and then to use one of those objects to access the correct instance of Connect. Connections is a template class. That is, a client library uses the Connections class to make an array of some sub-class of Connect.

Tom Sgouros, July 2, 2004

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