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Summer 2012 ESIP meeting

Submitted by jimg on Tue, 07/17/2012 - 13:39

At the Summer 2012 ESIP meeting OPeNDAP presented information on the OPULUS project and facilitated a town hall meeting.

Ignite: The OPULS project and DAP4
Here are the twenty slides used for a recent Ignite talk given at the Summer ESIP meeting. The text of the talk is embedded in the slides as notes. OPULS is a joint project between OPeNDAP and Unidata that is developing the successor to DAP2, known as DAP4. While DAP2 focused on a data model suitable for remote access that provided a high degree of interoperability, DAP4 extends that goal to web services and server processing.
OPULS Town Hall meeting
At the Summer ESIP meeting, we hosted a Town Hall meeting where members of the community could provide input about the development of DAP4 - the primary technology behind the OPULS effort - and get a status update on work done so far. Here's the information from that status update, packaged in PowerPoint.