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AGU's Fall 2013 meeting

Submitted by jimg on Fri, 12/13/2013 - 14:54
OPeNDAP in the Cloud, AGU version
Here is a presentation covering work for NOAA concerning Amazon's S3 and Glacier cloud-based data stores and our data server (Hyrax) made at AGU's Fall 2013 meeting in San Francisco. Virtually all of the information is applicable to other cloud systems (in a conceptual sense) and other data servers at an architectural and high-level design sense. The two prototyping efforts show the extraordinary potential these services present along with some reasons to proceed with 'eyes wide open,' especially regarding costs and use-patterns for your data.
Extending OPeNDAP's Data-Access Protocol to Include Enhanced Pre-Retreival Operations
This poster was presented by Dave Fulker at AGU's Fall 2013 meeting in San Francisco. It describes the intent of our newest project: An EarthCube Building Blocks Project to extend DAP4 with an algebra of server-side processing operations and to test them against three geoscience scenarios drawn from our user community: climate-model downscaling, storm-surge prediction and the analysis of fronts in sea-surface-temperatures.