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OPeNDAP Data Connector 2.59.1 (12 December 2006)

Submitted by jimg on Tue, 12/12/2006 - 13:52

This release is existing functionality upgrade. Most of the changes are bug fixes, smoothness enhancements, internal plumbing reworking's and other changes designed to create long term stability and increase the reliability of the software.

includes these major enhancements:
  • Compatibility Changes
    • default mail settings changed
    • bug post functionality upgraded to work with new bug tracking system (Trac)
    • GCMD protocol updated to fit changes in GCMD query and DIF format
  • Feature Changes and Improvements
    • the activity monitor has been changed to a more standard dialog box with a cancel button
  • Bug and Behavior Fixes and Upgrades
    • retrieve panel output shows only valid and working choices
    • type checking no longer being on retrieved URLs (obsolete)
    • DODS errors being returned from servers on directory accesses now properly handled
    • some lingering status messages now cleared at the appropriate time
    • the labeling for banded color specifications has been fixed
    • the image viewer has had a threading bug fixed
    • a line calculation problem with the coastline functionality has been fixed
  • Internal Enhancements
    • retrieve panel changed to a list format (used to be table)
    • URL storage and management now uses an MVC design


Windows Windows
ODC-2.59.1-windows.exe FTP download self-extracting exe for Windows.
Includes Java runtime.
Linux Tux Logo Unix
ODC-2.59.1-unix.tar.gz FTP download for Linux/Unix gzipped tarball.
Mac OS/X Macintosh OS X
ODC-2.59.1-image.dmg. FTP a disk image for Mac OS/X (Panther and Tiger).