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Matlab loaddap Tool 3.7.2 (31 May 2012)

Submitted by jimg on Thu, 05/31/2012 - 17:12

Version 3.7.2 of loaddap fixes a handful of problems with newer versions of Matlab.

  • The configure script now recognizes Matlab 2010a and on.
  • The tests work again!
  • When an incompatible binary is used, a more helpful error message is displayed.

This is a source-only release. We will build binaries as time permits; please let us know if you have a particular need and we will try to accommodate it. However, we are stretched pretty thin, so any help from the community with builds, especially for Windows, would be greatly appreciated.

Source code

To build from source, first build and install libdap, then build and install loaddap. Check the INSTALL and README files distributed with each package for specifics. The general process is to run the configure script, followed by make and make install.

Version 3.7.2
loaddap.tar.gz (sig). Required: libdap 3.11.3 (sig). Note that we used libdap 3.11.3 for this update but it is likely that versions back to 3.8.x will work.