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JDAP 1.1.7 (31 August 2004)

Submitted by jimg on Tue, 08/31/2004 - 22:19

Note that version 1.1.7 uses a different organizational scheme; if you're upgrading from a previous version, be sure to take a look at the README file.


JVM 1.4
Binary jar file (426 KBB) - Unpacks to a library directory containing the dods library and required ancillary libraries.

Source code

Note that with version 1.1.7 we're now using Ant to build the source. This drops our build time from half an hour to less than one minute!

Version 1.1.7
source jar (2.0 MB) - Includes API documentation, configuration information, developers notes, Ant build files, and libraries required to compile the source code.
documentation jar (1.5 MB) - Contains API documentation, configuration information, and installation notes.