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OPeNDAP Support

Our goal is to support OPeNDAP to the best of our abilities and within our resources. We think the best way to do this is to encourage community-based support. If OPeNDAP users will try to follow the support guidelines below, we can all work to help each other:

  • NEW! From the ESIP Federation: Making Science Data Easier to Use with OPeNDAP
  • Consult our online documentation:
  • Consult our Frequently Asked Questions list.
  • Consult the OPeNDAP email lists.
  • Send your question to Your question will be addressed by the appropriate OPeNDAP developer. We try to respond to your email within a few hours of receiving it, either with an answer, a request for more information, or a note letting you know we are looking into the issue.
  • With either of these routes, your email (or the response) will be archived and searchable on the web at the URL listed above.

    Please consider in advance how to make your question intelligible to an audience unfamiliar with your work. A few things that may help:

    • include information on the operating system that you are using (e.g., paste the output of the Unix command "uname -a" into your message)
    • include information on which OPeNDAP component (and the version) you are using
    • If you post a question and recieve an answer in private emails, please post a brief summary of the solution to (or so that others can see the solution to the question you raised and so that the email archive contains the solution to your question.