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OPeNDAP Mailing Lists

OPeNDAP encourages users to get involved. Please feel free to join the lists below and learn about and contribute to OPeNDAP as much as you desire. NOTE: At the start of December 2010 we switched from a mailman server to Google Groups. Until we move the mailman archives into the Groups, we will have links to both on this page. For information prior to Dec 2010, you will have to search the old mailman 'Archives.' We apologize for the inconvenience.

The OPeNDAP support archive
[Email OPeNDAP Support <support at>] [Support archive (before Dec 2010)][Group (Dec 2010 onward)]
This is an archive of all the support questions and their answers.
The OPeNDAP technical mailing list (<opendap-tech at>)
Moderate Traffic [Subscribe] [Tech Archive][Group] This list is for technical discussions regarding OPeNDAP software, such as questions about programming with various toolkits, using the DAP and related protocols.
The OPeNDAP Announcements list (<opendap-announce at>)
Very Low Traffic [Subscribe] [Announce Archives][Group]
This list provides a way for us to contact users, and those who run our servers. This is a very low-traffic list, only OPeNDAP can post to it and we will limit our posts to only those that contain very important time-sensitive information. We are making these limits because we want everyone who uses our software to subscribe. The other lists will carry the day-to-day traffic.
The OPeNDAP mailing list (<OPeNDAP at>)
Low Traffic [Subscribe][OPeNDAP Archives][Group] This list is for discussions of all things OPeNDAP: Data; Policy; and Community efforts. It's fine to use this list to ask questions, but the email address is more appropriate for detailed questions and the opendap-tech list (below) is probably a better place for technical discussions.