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DAP Issues

  1. Modify DODS to handle: [24 - other web tools handle these well.]
    1. maps
    2. graphs
    3. images
    4. animations

  2. Allow for more projection types on the earth's surface. [29,33]
  3. Define data rules to make computer models and output accessable
    [The DAP already handles model output well]
  4. Provide password protection for DODS-served datasets. [23]
  5. Provide the ability to display a disclaimer for certain datasets. [34]
  6. Provide secure software for DODS servers. [12]
  7. Intra and inter data set aggregation. [In progress for gridded data sets, 31]

Numbers refer to the items on the prioritized software task list.
blue ==> issues that we propose addressing in the first year,
red ==> issues that we propose addressing in the 2nd year (if at all),
orange ==> issues for which we have already done some work, and
green issues that are complete.