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How does the NVODS effort fit into Coastal GOOS?

NVODS has at its base a data access protocol capable of addressing data transport needs in Coastal GOOS. As such it forms a fundamental component of this system. Its contribution is however not limited to this system in that it will also provide access to data that are not formally part of Coastal GOOS thus offering the possibility for interoperability between Coastal GOOS data holding and other data of oceanographic interest.

In light of the role that NVODS will play in Coastal GOOS, project personnel should work closely with in establishing the metadata and data access standards that will be required for the Coastal GOOS data system.

In that NVODS is envisioned as a fundamental component of Coastal GOOS, the NVODS user community should include, but not be limited to those involved in ocean management. The NVODS effort should begin working with the ocean management community immediately. The focus of the NVODS effort over the next two years should however be on the research community because this community is seen as more likely to contribute to the development effort.