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Location Issues

  1. Provide a web-based catalog that: [1,3,9,11,16,19,21,27,38]
  2. Provide a web browser interface that allows: [1,7,10,15,18]

  3. Users needs to find the data they need: see 1 above.
  4. Need a place for data quality flags [28 - user feedback re data quality,46]

  5. Generic display [5]
  6. Coordinate metadata efforts with FGDC (and GCMD -ed) [16]

Numbers refer to the items on the prioritized software task list.
Blue ==> issues that we propose addressing in the first year,
red ==> issues that we propose addressing in the 2nd year (if at all),
orange ==> issues for which we have already done some work, and
green issues that are complete.