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README -- Java-DODS Beta_1_0 The files located here are organized as follows: ---- -- Contains all of the javadoc generated html files. ---- dods.Beta_1_0.bin.jar -- This is the binary distribution containing the .class files of the current beta release of the code along with an example DODS.ini file which is useful if you are building a server. To use this file (dods.Beta_1_0.bin.jar): 1) Unjar it. It will make a directory called Java-DODS. 2) In the subdirectory Java-DODS/lib there should be the a file named "Java-DODS.Beta_1_0.jar". Place this file explicitly on your CLASSPATH if you wish to use it as the linrary for the Java-DODS code. 3) If you are building a server, place the copy the file "DODS.ini" from the directory Java-DODS/ini to the home directory of the user that is running the server. Edit the copy so that it's contents reflect you system. ---- dods.Beta_1_0.src.jar -- Contains the source code for the current beta release. The javadoc stuff for the client software can easily be generated by unjaring the file, going to the directory Java-DODS/dods/dap and running the command "javadoc *.java". The example client, "" is located in the directory Java-DODS/dods/client. I didn't write this client and it does not currently have much in the way of javadoc info. The best thing would be to read through it's source code. If you are using binaries that you have compiled in this source code tree then the directory Java-DODS directory should be on you CLASSPATH ie "/home/carbon/ndp/Java-DODS" ---- dods.Beta_1_0.combined.jar -- This file contains BOTH the source code tree and the binary distribution file. Unjar it, you should get the same directory tree that you get when you unjar the "dods.Beta_1_0.src.jar" file. However, in this case look in the directory Java-DODS/lib to find the file "Java-DODS.Beta_1_0.jar" which is as described above in the section on dods.Beta_1_0.bin.jar. ---- I realize that the organization of this combined dis- tribution may seem a bit capricious. Allow me to explain my thinking: By including the "jar ball" of the binary distribution in the lib directory you can include it on you CLASSPATH and never actually have to look inside. IF you want, you can compile the source, but if your compilation effort is for some reason unsuccessful (for example you don't have javacc) then it's no big deal. If I had left the .class files distributed around the source code tree then partial compiles or errant "make clean" commands could wipe the binary out inadvertently. I am sure there are draw backs to this, and if you see obvious ones let me know. I am still working out best practices here... In addition I have a site which contains information about the design of the DODS java software. Check out: I think between that and the descriptions of the DODS datatypes found at the DODS home page: You could get started. Write if you get confused. Enjoy! Nathan -------------------------------------------------------------------- Nathan Potter Senior Software Engineer Distributed Oceanographic Data System College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Oregon State University 104 Ocean Admin. Bldg. Corvallis, OR 97331-5503 email: voice: (541) 737-2293 fax: (541) 737-2064 --------------------------------------------------------------------
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