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Server4 Software 0.9.1 (alpha) (18 Sept 2006)

Submitted by jimg on Mon, 09/18/2006 - 11:43

Version 0.9.1. This is a source-only alpha release of the software, which means that a significant set of features are complete, but we think that other features should be added to server before it's ready for everyone. We're making this alpha release for those who want to experiment with the new server and for those who want to help us with its development. What's been added to the server. First, the server now supports fancier THREDDS catalogs. The catalogs can now be customized with hand written catalogs superseding the automatically generated ones. The catalogs also now support 'inheritance' so THREDDS attributes added to parent catalogs will show up also in child catalogs, even the automatically generated ones. Other features include a lighter front end, generation of the ASCII, HTML form and Info responses in the back end (where access to data can be exploited to optimize that activity; this also means that front ends can be built without any DAP-aware code, making them much 'lighter') and support for HTTP/1.1 client-side caching. All of the software components have other fixes and improvements; see their pages or NEWS/README/INSTALL files.


There are no binaries yet; the current release is a source-only alpha release. You need the Java Web Archive file unless you plan to build the OLFS from the Java source:

Java icon OLFS
OLFS jar file Unpack using 'jar -xvf filename' and follow the instructions in the README file. (Requires Java 1.5. Tested against Tomcat 5.5)

Note: the OLFS jar file was corrupted; we will have a rebuilt copy early in the week of 6 Nov. Until then you'll need to build the OLFS from source (see the links below)

You will also need:

Source code

Version 0.9.1:
Required: libdap 3.7.2; Optional (but highly desired): dap-server 3.7.1

Contributed builds

Version 0.9.1
Contributed: Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.