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Hyrax 1.5.2 final (Updated 15 June 2009)

Submitted by jimg on Mon, 06/15/2009 - 14:32

Hyrax by OPeNDAP logo The 1.5.2 final release:

  • This update from 1.5.1 includes fixes for the attribute values shown in the DDX response - extraneous double quotes are that were added for the DAS print representation are no longer included in the DDX response.
  • NetCDF Fileout fix The 1.5.2 release includes an important fix for the netcdf fileout feature. The software was not building correct files from HDF4 data sets and was instead reusing dimensions in ways that made for some very confusing data files! It now works correctly.
  • The 1.5.1 update from 1.5.0 includes a fix to libdap so that Attribute quoting is properly handled when attribute objects are cached by the server and a fix so that the HDF4 handler takes advantage of this fix. Also, it is now possible to disable the HDF4 handler's caching of objects by setting the HDF4.CacheDir parameter in the bes.conf file to the empty string (""). The new version of libdap is binary-compatible with the 1.5.0 handlers.
  • NetCDF File Out Capability. (BES &OLFS). Get data back from Hyrax packaged in a NetCDF file!
  • New THREDDS implementation. (OLFS)
    • Minimal configuration - works out of the box with zero configuration, although if you are updating from an older version of Hyrax you will need to update your olfs.xml file to get things working (see Java section below).
    • Fast
    • Scalable
    • Presentation views (HTML pages) generated using XSLT
  • Simple robot blocker. (OLFS)
    • Supports a list of individual IP's to block.
    • Supports a list of regex's to block ranges of IP addresses.
  • The netCDF handler now mimics the TDS's handler when returning strings (Arrays of NC_CHAR). These are now packaged in a DAP String and a string_length attribute is added to the variable. Rank N arrays of NC_CHAR are now represented at rank N-1 arrays of DAP string, where each is no longer than string_length characters. This change was made as part of the NC-DAP project's effort to make DAP4 more usable/conformant with the CDM.
  • New BES interface (BES & OLFS)
    • new XML command/response set
    • OLFS contains new java API for the BES
    • Allows multiple BES commands to be combined in a single request transaction.
  • New Linux binary builds. We have decided to switch from using Fedora Core releases for the binary builds and instead use CentOS. The RPMs we are distributing for this release of Hyrax have been built on CentOS 5.2. We have chosen CentOS because it has a longer release cycle than Fedora Core making the resulting packages more likely to work with older third-party software such as libcurl and libxml2.
  • Bug fixes and feature additions (Beta Release)
  • Bug fixes and feature additions (Final Release)

Binaries Individual Binaries will be added when they are available. What to get: You will need the OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.5) and one set of the BES, dap-server and one or more data handlers. We're including libdap here as well to cut down on the amount of hunting around you need to do; libdap is required for all of our software written in C++ (which includes the BES and the handlers).

Java icon Java
If you are updating from an older version of Hyrax you will need to update your olfs.xml file! See $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/opendap/initialContent/olfs.xml for the default olfs.xml for Hyrax 1.5.0/1.5.1. For more detailed information see the Hyrax Configuration Documentation
Linux Tux Logo Linux (CentOS 5.2) x64_86 RPMs
Linux Tux Logo Linux (CentOS 5.2) i386 RPMs

Source code

Version 1.5.2 final:
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Contributed Builds

Version 1.5.2 final
Contributed: Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.