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OPeNDAP is pleased to announce Hyrax 1.7.0!

Submitted by jimg on Wed, 04/27/2011 - 13:03

Hyrax by OPeNDAP logo Released on 27 April 2011, updated with new rpm packages on 8 June 2011.

New Feature Summary:

This release includes three new handlers:

  • A Gateway handler that can be used to serve data accessible from remote services.
  • A Comma Separated Values handler that can be used to serve data stored in CSV formatted files.
  • The NetCDF handler now reads NetCDF4 files that use the 'classic' NetCDF data model. This includes NetCDF files that employ chunking and compression. Note that you must provide/use the NetCDF4 library for this to work.
  • beta A handler that returns ISO 19115 metadata documents for CF compliant data files and can return a 'rubric' noting how closely files come to meeting the criteria for complete 19115 metadata records. Note: This is also know as ncISO. To use this, you need to edit the URLs by hand for now. To get the ISO19115 response for a given dataset, replace a DAP suffix like '.dods' with '.iso'. To get the 'ncISO rubric, use the extension '.rubric'. In a future release these will be links on the directory pages.


  • Compressed file caching problem where the cache size set in the configuration file was not honored.

Required External Dependencies

In order to get the basic Hyrax 1.7.0 server running, you will need:

  • Java 1.6
  • Tomcat 6.x

Individual handlers may have their own external dependencies as well --- please see the individual handler pages for specifics.

What To Get Here

To run the Hyrax server, you will need to download and install the following (from source or binary):

  • OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.6)
  • libdap
  • BES
  • General Purpose Handlers (aka dap-server)
  • One or more data handlers depending on which data you wish to serve


Java icon Java
Linux Tux Logo Linux (CentOS 5.3) x86_64 RPMs
Linux Tux Logo Linux (CentOS 5.3) i386 RPMs
Mac OS/X OS-X (10.5.x or higher) Package Installer
The OS/X package for Hyrax 1.7.0 contains a complete copy of the data server - including tomcat and all of the libraries not included on a stock OS/X 10.5 or higher computer. For more information about how the package was built see the page on our documentation wiki describing the build.

Source code

Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair. See Public Key for more information.

Contributed builds

Version 1.7.0
Contributed: Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.