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OPeNDAP is pleased to announce Hyrax 1.7.1!

Submitted by jimg on Sun, 08/21/2011 - 16:39

Hyrax by OPeNDAP logo Released on 21 August 2011.

Problems fixed:

  • Compressed file caching problem where the cache size set in the configuration file was not honored. (This was fixed in 1.7.0)
  • Two problems with the HDF4 handler have been fixed: Some data sets failed because the handler confused similarly named variables and some HDF-EOS files did not work with the handler when it is not compiled and linked with the HDF-EOS2 library.
  • This release fixes a problem on 32-bit computers. If you are not using a 64-bit computer to run Hyrax, there's no need to get this version - 1.7.0 works fine on 64-bit computers.

New Feature Summary (from version 1.7.0):

This release includes three new handlers:

  • A Gateway handler that can be used to serve data accessible from remote services.
  • A Comma Separated Values handler that can be used to serve data stored in CSV formatted files.
  • The NetCDF handler now reads NetCDF4 files that use the 'classic' NetCDF data model. This includes NetCDF files that employ chunking and compression. Note that you must provide/use the NetCDF4 library for this to work.
  • beta A handler that returns ISO 19115 metadata documents for CF compliant data files and can return a 'rubric' noting how closely files come to meeting the criteria for complete 19115 metadata records. Note: This is also know as ncISO. To use this, you need to edit the URLs by hand for now. To get the ISO19115 response for a given dataset, replace a DAP suffix like '.dods' with '.iso'. To get the 'ncISO rubric, use the extension '.rubric'. In a future release these will be links on the directory pages. Thanks to Ted Haberman and Co. for help with this! Examples:
    ISO 19115

Required External Dependencies

In order to get the basic Hyrax 1.7.1 server running, you will need:

  • Java 1.6
  • Tomcat 6.x

Individual handlers may have their own external dependencies as well --- please see the individual handler pages for specifics.

What To Get Here

To run the Hyrax server, you will need to download and install the following (from source or binary):

  • OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.6)
  • libdap
  • BES
  • General Purpose Handlers (aka dap-server)
  • One or more data handlers depending on which data you wish to serve


Java icon Java
Linux Tux Logo Linux (CentOS 5.3) x86_64 RPMs
Linux Tux Logo Linux (CentOS 5.3) i386 RPMs
Mac OS/X OS-X (10.5.x or higher) Package Installer
The OS/X package for Hyrax 1.7.1 contains a complete copy of the data server - including tomcat and all of the libraries not included on a stock OS/X 10.5 or higher computer. For more information about how the package was built see the page on our documentation wiki describing the build.

Source code

Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair. See Public Key for more information.

Contributed builds

Version 1.7.1
Contributed: Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.