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How do I look at data using OPeNDAP software?

Submitted by jimg on Wed, 05/11/2011 - 10:11

Available OPeNDAP clients are listed on our Available OPeNDAP Clients web page. Many of the available clients come OPeNDAP enabled. Several of them need to be relinked with the OPeNDAP libraries.

Any application that can dereference a URL can be used as a simple OPeNDAP client. For instance, a standard web browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer can be used to look at various aspects of a OPeNDAP dataset. See our description of how to access OPeNDAP data with a browser.

Several spreadsheet applications (e.g., MS Excel and the StarOffice spreadsheet) can also be used as clients. They still do not have any specific knowledge of the special capabilities of the servers but are more data savvy than completely generic Web clients. See our description of how to access data from an OPeNDAP server with a spreadsheet.