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How do I build the Matlab server and client on SGI?

Submitted by jimg on Wed, 05/11/2011 - 15:53

To build the Matlab server, your entire DODS build (actually, just dap, packages, and ml-dods) must be in the same architecture as the Matlab libraries (o32/mips2 or 64/mips4). We haven't yet succeeded at building all of DODS in either of these architectures. Here are our main problems:

  • currently, gcc does not support o32 and
  • we've run into some trouble linking 64 bit objects (problem with linker setup?)
  • we haven't had time to work on this problem

To build the Matlab command line client, build in the same architecture as the rest of your DODS build. If that architecture does not match the architecture of the Matlab libraries (o32/mips2 or 64/mips4), the linking of loaddods.mex* will fail. Because loaddods.mex* is the only piece of the Matlab client that links to the Matlab libraries and it does not link to the DODS libraries, it can be built in the architecture of the Matlab libraries even though the rest of DODS is not. To build loaddods as either o32/mips2 or 64/mips4:

  • Note: gcc does not support '-mabi=o32' but will build '-mabi=64'. However, SGIs cc supports both '-o32' and '-64'.
  • edit Makefile
    • if using cc, add '-o32' or '-64' to CFLAGS;
    • if using gcc, add '-mabi=64' to CFLAGS;
    • remove '-gstab' from CFLAGS; and
    • change CC to 'cc' or leave as 'gcc';
    • make sure LDFLAGS points to the correct Matlab library (in case you have both architectures installed on your machine)
  • remove (or rename) loaddods.o, variable.o, queue.o, extend.o, error.o, MLVars.o (new as of 3.1.4), and process_values.o (new as of 3.2.x);
  • run '$MAKE loaddods'.