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Help for the OPeNDAP World Wide Web Query Builder

General Help

This form displays information from the dataset whose URL is shown in the DataURL box. Each variable in this dataset is shown below in the section labeled Variables.

  • To select a variable, click on the checkbox to its left.
  • To constrain a variable that you've selected, edit the information that appears in the text boxes below the variable. When entering values for selections on String variables, you may need to quote those values.
  • To get data in ASCII, various common formats or DODS binary objects, click on one of the buttons labeled Get .... The Get ASCII and Get DODS Data Object buttons will always be present. Other buttons may be present providing access other types of return formats such as NetCDF, HDF, et cetera. Note that in order to use the DODS Data Objects, you'll need to download software from the OPeNDAP web site to decode them.
  • The URL displayed in the DataURL field is updated as you select and/or constrain variables. The URL in this field can be cut and pasted in various clients such as the Matlab, ferret, GrADS et cetera. See the OPeNDAP home page for information about those clients.

Help on specific parts of the form

Data URL
This is the URL that specifies the data. You may edit this by hand adding a DAP constraint expression to the end of the URL (see the OPeNDAP User's Guide for information on constraint expressions) or by clicking on one or more of the variables listed under `Data variables'.
The Get ASCII button retrieves data encoded in ASCII from the server. These data are displayed in a new browser window; use the File menu of that window to save the data. The presentation format is designed to be simple to import into a spreadsheet program.
Global attributes
contain information about the dataset as a whole. Most datasets contain this type of information, but some do not.
Variable attributes
contain specific information about each variable in the dataset.
Dataset Variables
This list shows each variable contained in this data. clicking the checkbox to the left of one or more of these variables causes it/them to be added to the current projection of this dataset. When you click on one of the `Disposition' button, data in those variables will be retrieved.

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