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Deprecated OPeNDAP Software

Matlab: loaddap
Load data directly into Matlab from the command line or your own Matlab scripts.
IDL Client
The OPeNDAP IDL Client is an IDL tool which provides access to OPeNDAP data in IDL. The IDL client now uses the OPeNDAP C API(Ocapi-1.4.3) in place of the Ocapi-1.33. This client was compiled with IDL 6.3. The behavior of the new IDL client remains consistent with previous versions of the client code.
OPeNDAP Data Connector
The OPeNDAP Data Connector (ODC) is a Java application that allows you to search for and retrieve data sets published by OPeNDAP data servers. The ODC is your gateway to terabytes of scientific data and imagery.
Java DAP
The Java DAP class library implements DAP 2.0. It is completely interoperable with the DAP++ library above, although it was written by developers at JPL and OSU. The library contains an implementation of the DAP 2.0 plus server specific classes. This software supports building servlets (the DAP++ library's server-side supports CGIs).