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Optimizing Access to Distributed Scientific Datasets

OPeNDAP is a free, open-source software that streamlines workflows & reduces costs for researchers, data managers & data providers.

Photo by NASA

Did you know? OPeNDAP is also a nonprofit. OPeNDAP software is created and maintained by OPeNDAP, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We provide our open-source software free of charge for the good of the scientific community.


OPeNDAP enables scientists to share data more easily over the internet.

OPeNDAP refers to:

  • The nonprofit corporation Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol, Inc.
  • Open-source software to realize a Web-based data access protocol (or “DAP”), including:
    • Server software deployed by NASA and hundreds of otherdata providers
    • Client software employed for data retrieval in data analysis apps (e.g. those utilizing NetCDF) and bespoke programs in many languages (e.g. Python)


Why Use OPeNDAP?

Retrieve Specific Subsets of Data

Access only the data points you need, eliminating the prohibitive time and cost of downloading full datasets.

Multiple File Formats

OPeNDAP “translates” data so that you can access data originally stored in a wide variety of file formats.

Multiple Data Types

OPeNDAP supports many types of data analyzed in scientific inquiry including gridded data, time series, and more.

Integration with Preferred Tools

Data files served through OPeNDAP can be accessed and read by commonly used tools including NetCDF, Python libraries, MATLAB, ArcGIS, and Panoply.

Extensibility & Customization

Have a unique distributed data need? Build on our open-source code yourself, or work with our team to create a custom server application.


OPeNDAP Supporters

The following institutions have provided (and some continue to provide) financial support to OPeNDAP.

OPeNDAP nebula

Open Data Access Accelerates Discovery



of experience in open data access frameworks

data handlers

broad data format compatibility

access patterns

broad adoption from distinct client APIs.


of data accessed through OPeNDAP’s framework

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