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OPeNDAP for Data Provision

OPeNDAP in Action: Real-World Use Cases

Scientist makes data available through an OPeNDAP server to facilitate the review process of manuscript

A research scientist is in the process of submitting a manuscript to a peer-review journal. The Journal requires data related to the manuscript’s main results, including key figures, to be accessible online during the review process. The scientist decides to host the full data on a Hyrax server which will allow the editor and anonymous reviewers access to the data via its URL. The scientist will also share the location of an open-source repository containing executable Jupyter Notebooks and the installation instructions for the required dependencies, to interactively recreate all key figures.

Remote data access for increasing computational method practices in the social sciences

Researchers belonging to a multi-institution project utilize Lidar and other remote sensing methods to complement excavations, to better understand past and present landscapes in many archaeological sites. Graduate students already participate directly in the excavations, but to foster the development of computational skills in the student body, educators and administrators at the individual Universities decide to make all collected data available through an OPeNDAP server. Now, students can access raw data relevant to their professional activities, and learn novel computational statistical techniques that are becoming increasingly necessary in their field of work.

Hobbyists serve data to improve local and regional air quality forecasts

A group of environmental hobbyists across the greater Seattle area, driven by the persistence of wildfires across the Pacific Northwest, organize in community forums to collect data from inexpensive sensors, and serve the real-time data in tabular form on the web using microcontrollers and the OPeNDAP protocol. Their group’s goal is to standardize the sensor data and improve the forecast of air quality in the region.