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OPeNDAP for Data Management

If you manage a large data archive, OPeNDAP’s software can help you achieve your goal of providing easy access to data in tools that users already know.

Commercial and open-source analysis tools like MATLAB, R, ArcGIS, Python & Jupyter notebooks, Panoply and libraries like netCDF C and Java and PyDAP ensure users can access data through familiar tools. From the management point of view, the key is that this wide range of tools works seamlessly with OPeNDAP.

Because OPeNDAP is an open protocol, you have several data server implementations to choose from:

  • OPeNDAP, Inc. provides Hyrax.
  • Unidata provides the TDS (THREDDS Data Server).
  • The PyDAP project has its own server.
  • NOAA provides the ERDDAP server.

This means you’re not locked into a single vendor with OPeNDAP. You can start with one server and switch to another if needed.

Since OPeNDAP is used by a range of data providers, users can leverage a single protocol (e.g., in Jupyter notebooks) to access data from NASA, NOAA, and University sites. This promotes interoperability across organizations. Additionally, the protocol’s format-hiding feature allows accessing data in various formats (including performing subset operations) using one set of commands, regardless of the underlying storage format.