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“OPeNDAP” is both a nonprofit corporation and an open-source software.

In both interpretations, OPeNDAP exists to facilitate open science through more efficient remote data exchange.


Fueling Open Data Access for Over 30 Years

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, OPeNDAP paves the path towards data-driven discovery for scientists, developers, and curious individuals by offering elegant, efficient, and open source software tools that enable remote open data access. OPeNDAP has a long standing commitment towards innovation, evolution, and data democratization.

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Work With Us

While the OPeNDAP team actively supports our open-source software, we’re also available on a contract or grant co-writing basis. Work with us for expert support with your specialized data access and distribution needs.

Love what we do? Get involved with our multidisciplinary community of scientists and developers and help us create tools collaboratively.

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