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Our goal is to support OPeNDAP to the best of our abilities and within our resources. Learn how to get technical support from the OPeNDAP team as well as the wider community.

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Get Help from the OPeNDAP Team

Have a technical question? Email the OPeNDAP team at support@opendap.org. Your question will be addressed by the appropriate OPeNDAP developer.

We try to respond to your email within a few hours of receiving it, either with an answer, a request for more information, or a note letting you know we are looking into the issue.

OPeNDAP staff

Help Yourself: Links & Resources

We offer a wide variety of resources to help users navigate the data access protocol (DAP), the OPenDAP Hyrax data server, and more. Here are a few popular resources for technical support.

Quick Start Guides

Other Helpful Links

Historical Pub Files

To view a wide range of directories and files associated with the DAP and our Hyrax data server (including various tools, service directories, binary files, client interfaces, server utilities, keys, and more), check out our Pub files.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on support from the wider OPeNDAP community of researchers, developers, data managers, and other users. Get community-based support by joining the conversation on Discourse, Zenodo, and more.