Welcome to the new OPeNDAP website!

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OPeNDAP Software

On this page you will find information about OPeNDAP software that we have available for download.

This information includes the public key we use to sign our software, access to our complete software archive, details about our Continuous Integration builds, and Github.

In addition to software, OPeNDAP has developed an open protocol (DAP) for access to remote data that supports various subsetting options. We maintain a list of software developed by other groups that use this protocol.

If you don’t see software or information about OPeNDAP software here, contact us at support@opendap.org.

OPeNDAP's Public Key

OPeNDAP’s Public Key is available here. We sign all of our software releases using gpg and a key created just for this purpose. The public key is bound to the email address security at opendap.org. To verify a particular software package using its digital signature:

  • Import the security at opendap.org public key into your key ring (see the gpg documentation for help on that);
  • Download both the package and the .sig signature file and put them in the same directory; and
  • Run gpg –verify <signature file name> in the directory with those files.

The result should be a message telling you that the signature is valid, who signed it and when it was signed. If you don’t get a message saying the signature is valid, double check that you have installed the public key correctly, have the file and its signature in the same directory and have not renamed the file (or signature). If, after that, you’re still not getting a message that the signature is valid, please contact us at support@opendap.org.

Software Archive

The HTTP archive holds just about every piece of software we have ever released. Each release is held in a separate directory. Beta and final versions for each release are within those directories. Below are shortcuts to specific parts of the archive for people that want all of the source code without navigating through the pages specific to each of the clients, servers, etc.

Current Releases

  • Source
  • Binary

Old DODS releases (of historical interest only)

  • By Release

Continuous Integration Builds

We run Continuous Integration (CI) builds using Travis-CI for the libdap, BES, and OLFS (these are the primary components of the Hyrax data server). These builds are triggered when there is a push to the master branch of their GitHub repository. These builds compile the code, run its automated tests and may do packaging tasks (depending on the language).


We have moved most of our active projects to GitHub. You can clone the libdap, bes, and other projects’ repositories from github.com/OPENDAP. We actively respond to problem tickets submitted on the site, but our primary issue tracking system is Jira, which has open access for readers.

Here are direct links to some of the main projects in our GitHub repository:

  • libdap: The C++ library that contains the reference implementations of the DAP2 and DAP4 protocols.
  • Hyrax: The Hyrax server meta project.
  • BES and OLFS: Child projects that are make up the Hyrax project