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Hyrax 1.3.0 (14 November 2007)

Submitted by jimg on Wed, 11/14/2007 - 13:38

Hyrax by OPeNDAP logo This 1.3.0 release features:

  • Bug fixes
  • Hyrax control script: Simplifies starting and stopping Hyrax when running the BES and the OLFS on the same machine.
  • Compression support: Unix compress (.Z) is now supported.
  • Signed distributions: Our software distributions are now signed using a public/private key pair. See Public Key for more information.


Individual Binaries will be added when they are available. What to get: You will need the OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.5) and one set of the BES, dap-server and one or more data handlers. We're including libdap here as well to cut down on the amount of hunting around you need to do; libdap is required for all of our software written in C++ (which includes the BES and the handlers).

Java icon Java
Mac OS/X MAC OS/X 10.4
Linux Tux Logo Linux (Fedora Core 6) x64_86 RPMs
Linux Tux Logo Linux (Fedora Core 6) i386 RPMs

Source code

Version 1.3.0:
Note: All of our software downloads are signed using GPG. Ask us for the public key if you want to verify the signatures.

Soap Test Client

We also have SoapTestClient available for this release.
It provides an example for people that wish to try the SOAP interface to have an example of how to use it.

Contributed builds

Version 1.3.0
Contributed: Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.