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Design Documentation

These documents explain the architecture of the DODS components.

Data Access Protocol (DAP), version 2
A technical description of the Data Access Protocol. This was submitted to NASA's Earth Science Data Systems Standards Process Group and has been accepted as a Recommended Standard (submitted on 8/8/2004, accepted 10/8/2007). The official NASA ESE/RFC distribution point for DAP2 may provide a more up to date version and also has additional documentation regarding NASA/ESE's adoption of DAP2 as a community standard.
DODS Data Access Protocol, DRAFT, version 4 (DAP4)
A DRAFT technical description of the DODS Data Access Protocol, version 4 (DAP4).

These papers are older and are here mostly to provide background and context for our current designs and implementations. Don't expect them

Data Delivery Architecture
An overview of the architecture of the communication between the DODS client and server.
Data Delivery Design
The design for communication between the DODS client and server.
Uniform Resource Locators
The specification for the use and extension of URLs in the DODS system.
Data Access Protocol
The methodology for exchanging data between the DODS client and server.