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The OPeNDAP Community

The strength of OPeNDAP lies not just in our protocol’s technological capabilities but in the collaborative, multidisciplinary community behind our open-source philosophy.

Find your fit and join our community of practice.

Contribute to Open Data Access

Whether you’re a researcher using our Hyrax server or a software developer building a custom server application, there are so many ways you can get involved with what we’re doing. (And as a small nonprofit organization, we certainly appreciate all contributions from the broader community!)

Give us feedback, find and test bugs, answer fellow users’ questions, and more.

If you’re looking for help with a specific data server issue, please explore our Support page to watch tutorials, read our wiki, and get answers to FAQs.

Visit Our Zenodo Library

OPeNDAP and Zenodo

We’ve been working to Democratize Data Access since the 1990s, which means that “the OPeNDAP community” in fact includes anyone who shares an interest in the collaborative pursuit of data access innovation.

In support of our open philosophy, we host the complete library of OPeNDAP publications, presentations, and posters on the platform Zenodo.

We invite you to explore our citable resources and build on our knowledge from within the Zenodo community.

From the Library

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