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DAP++ SDK 3.10.0 (09 February 2010)

Submitted by jimg on Tue, 02/09/2010 - 16:46

In this version we have removed the Server 3 (CGI) software from the dap-server package and, with that change, we have removed the deflate program from this library/package. The geogrid() function has been much improved. It will now answer requests where the latitude is upside down in the dataset and flip the result so that the north pole is 'up'. It will also handle requests that 'wrap around' the date line. Error messages are also improved. This library now implements DAP 3.3 including the OtherXML DAP attribute type (which will become AnyXML in DAP 4). The library now implements simple version negotiation and a DDX response that is DAP version sensitive. See the online DAP4 design documentation for more information ( Many, many fixes and extensions for DAP4 and NcML support. (NB: the NcML handler is a separate project).

Required packages

The libdap 3.10.0 software requires libcurl 7.10.6, libxml2 2.6.16 and a modern pthreads library. To build from a fresh SVN checkout, you'll need automake 1.10, autoconf 2.61 and libtool 1.5.24.

Linux Tux Logo Linux (x86_64/i386)
Modern versions of Linux come with the needed libraries.

Source code

Version 3.10.0
libdap-3.10.0.tar.gz, gpg signature. Required: libcurl, libxml2 and pthreads. On linux you'll need the regular packages plus the '-devel' development packages for these. They are commonly present on machines configured for development. See above. If you are building the source on Windows XP or Vista you will need a fairly complex collection of tools. Assuming you have Visual C++ 9.0 (aka 2008) using the OPeNDAP Tools 1.1 (sig) installer will set up a build environment for you. This is the build environment used to make the binaries distributed here.

Contributed builds

Version 3.10.0
Contributed: Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.