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DAP++ SDK 3.11.1 (23 August 2011)

Submitted by jimg on Tue, 08/23/2011 - 17:00
  • The new DAP3.3 Keywords are supported by the library.
  • Constraint expressions can now include multiple function calls. Previously, when a function was used in the projection part of the CE and it was not a 'projection function,' but a function that returns data, only function could be called in the CE. Now the evaluator supports calling a series of functions. The results are returned in a Dataset object as before. Because this is a new behavior for the library I have bumped up the minor revision. This version is backward compatible with the previous version of the library.
  • Grid now prints the XML declaration correctly when a constrained Grid variable's type decays to a Structure. The expr-test program now has an XML option (-x) for use with constrained DDS/DDX output. This bug affected the usefulness of the DDX response.
  • The geogrid() function now takes both (grid, <box points>) and (grid, lat array, lon array <box points>).


Linux Tux Logo Linux (x86_64)
CentOS 5.2, RPMs (gcc 4.1)
Linux Tux Logo Linux (i386)
CentOS 5.2, RPMs (gcc 4.1)

Required packages

The libdap 3.11.x software requires libcurl 7.10.6, libxml2 2.6.16 and a modern pthreads library. To build from a fresh SVN checkout, you'll need automake 1.10, autoconf 2.61 and libtool 1.5.24.

Source code

Version 3.11.1
libdap-3.11.1.tar.gz, gpg signature. Required: libcurl, libxml2 and pthreads. On linux you'll need the regular packages plus the '-devel' development packages for these. They are commonly present on machines configured for development. See above. If you are building the source on Windows XP, Vista or Window 7 you will need a fairly complex collection of tools. Assuming you have Visual C++ 9.0 (aka 2008) using the OPeNDAP Tools 1.1 (sig) installer will set up a build environment for you. This is the build environment used to make the binaries distributed here.