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Version 3.5.1 beta (9 May 2005)

Submitted by jimg on Mon, 05/09/2005 - 20:49

This update to 3.5.0 fixes some minor problems with the build. These fixes are needed to build with libnc-dap 3.5.x. New to the software is an rpm spec file. Use this to make binary RPMs for those Linux distributions that support them. Our next release will include RPM binaries.


Currently this is only a source release.

Source code

Version 3.5.1 beta
tar.gz (1.4 MB). Required: You may need libcurl and/or libxml2. The libdap 3.5.1 software requires libcurl 7.12.0 and libxml2 2.5.7. See our Third-party software page for links to these packages.