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DAP++ SDK 3.7.9 (13 November 2007)

Submitted by jimg on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 14:31

Version 3.7.9 is a bug fix and refactor release for the library. The major changes are the introduction of iostream-based output methods which will be used in the next release of hyrax to implement chunked data transfers.


Linux Tux Logo Linux (x86_64)
Fedora Core 6, RPMs (gcc 4.1)
Linux Tux Logo Linux (i386)
Fedora Core 6, RPMs (gcc 4.1)
Mac OS/X Mac OS/X
Intel DMG (gpg signature)

Required packages

The libdap 3.7.9 software requires libcurl 7.10.6, libxml2 2.5.7 and a modern pthreads library. To build from a fresh SVN checkout, you'll need automake 1.9.6, autoconf 2.59 and libtool 1.5.18.

Mac OS/X Mac OS/X 10.4 or greater
You may will need to install libxml2; libcurl and pthreads are already present. On OS/X 10.4.10, libxml2 is present. To test and see if you machine has the library, run 'xml2-config --version', if you get a response back that version 2.5.7 or greater is present, you're all set. See the third-party software page or go directly to the libxml2 page if you need the library...
Linux Tux Logo Linux (x86_64/i386)
Modern versions of Linux come with the needed libraries.

Source code

Version 3.7.9
libdap-3.7.9.tar.gz, gpg signature. Required: libcurl, libxml2 and pthreads. On linux you'll need the regular packages plus the '-devel' development packages for these. They are commonly present on machines configured for development. See above.

Contributed builds

Version 3.7.9
Contributed: Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.